Floating Life Style

Floating Life is a style choice, a style that takes centre stage right down to the tiniest detail.
Inspired by the great tradition of Italian fashion, “Floating Life Style” has defined a new standard for the yachting world with the creation of an exclusive line of crew uniforms.
A high-end, perfectly cut, collection with a tailored look, made with fabrics of the utmost quality that places emphasis on the comfort and wearability that are essential for workwear, all whilst highlighting the accuracy of its design.
Our garments are all Made in Italy , in line with our idea of high-quality clothing. Our lines are designed specifically for our crew, tested by them and improved every year to be the best and most practical uniforms they can have.

New Arrival 2018

Floating Life Style fashion show 2015

Company: Via Magenta, 3 – 21100 Varese (VA) – Italy
Showroom: Via Della Cerca, 6 – 22070 Lurago Marinone (CO) – Italy
uniform@floatinglife.com – +39 0584 1716152

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